If anyone wants markers in a size bigger than 6/4.25 mm, I'd be happy to change the rings to accomodate bigger needles. ;)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Questions, Questions, Questions!

1. Why do some of the sets of markers have more than others?
It's pure whimsy. Most of the sets will probably contain about five markers, which should be enough for most average knitting or crochet projects.

2. Do you ship internationally?
Not right now, alas. Someday, after I figure out exactly how to do all the complicated Euclidian geometry required to calculate postage....

3. What shipping method do you use?
United States Postal Service Parcel Post or Priority. All packages will be sent with delivery confirmation to make sure the recipient and sender both know exactly where the parcels might be at any given point. This saves sanity on both your part and mine. Hopefully.

4. Do you believe all this metaphysical stuff?
I like to keep an open mind.
Disclaimer: If you buy orange stitch markers with the expectation of a big boost in amatory activities and find yourself suffering a disappointment, I don't really think the stitch markers are to blame. Ahem.

5. Why do some markers cost more than others?
Glass isn't quite as costly as, say, diamonds from DeBeers... or, in this case, semi-precious stones.

6. Do you take custom orders?
It's open for discussion.

7. How do I get contact you with a question?
You're welcome to leave a comment with your e-mail address or send me a Ravelry message or e-mail (see the Profile under the picture of the cat). Barring that, owl post probably works, too.

Notes: This is a pet-friendly, non-smoking household, so even in spite of my best efforts, the occasional piece of cat or dog hair does make it into the adhesive on the packing tape.

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